Some More of my OC’s From top to Bottom:

    1. Reirika

    2. Manami

    3. Kiyomi

    4. Arela

    5. Astera

    6. Akasha

    7. Nyx

    8. Mackenzie

    9. Phoebe the Echidna

    10. Natasha

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    Just a few more of my OC’s!!^_^!! From Top to Bottom:


    2. Daenyria

    3. Freyja

    4. Hana

    5. Honoka

    6. Lianna

    7. Talissa

    8. Mitsuki

    9. Mika

    10. Rankikia

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    These are just a few of my Own Characters!! From top to Bottom:

    1. Lunaiala

    2. Aurealia

    3. Princess Shimizu

    4. Akemi


    6. Andromeda

    7. Cassie

    8. Elissianna

    9. Cindra

    10. Kinne Aoki Shimizu

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  1. valkyrieaku:


    no wonder aliens don’t want to have any contact with us

    When “I was 4 my sister was 2”. Because 2 is half of 4. So if she is 100 her sister is 50 because 50 is half of 100.

    Actuall it is she was 4 and her sister was 2 that smeans that if she is now 100 than her sister is 98

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  2. Paul Dini: Superhero cartoon execs don't want largely female audiences


    C.N. Executives are sexist assholes

    I totally agree with you there anekmehkt!!

  3. I realize its not perfect but I did try really hard to get this done and above all when its finished it will have all the detail from galaxyqueen  galaxyqueen's character Asylum I am going to color it in when I can but for right now this is what I have.

  4. anekmehkt:

    Niiice. Party hard bro.

    Rockin Roll dude *Head bangs*

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